Technical Document #15

Technical Document #15
What is the pci_dump utility and how do I run it?

pci_dump is a sample utility program that is provided with the WinDriver tool-kit and enables you to dump the contents of the PCI configuration registers into a readable format. It can be found in the WinDriver/util directory.

The source code of this utility is provided as well and can be found at: WinDriver/samples/pci_dump/pci_dump.c.

By default, the program's output will be presented in a console window.

To log the pci_dump output into a file (dump.txt), do the following:

  1. Open a command prompt window.

  2. Run pci_dump as pci_dump > dump.txt.

  3. Hit ENTER continuously, until the program's execution is completed.
At the end of this process you wil have a dump.txt file in the WinDriver/util directory (from which pci_dump was run).