Technical Document #47

Technical Document #47        [Product Version: 5.2.0 and above]
Does WinDriver support Scatter/Gather DMA on Linux?

Yes. Beginning with version 5.2.0 of WinDriver you can use WD_DMALock() to perform Scatter/Gather DMA on Linux as well.

This support is currently afforded for the supported 2.4.x and newer kernels. The 2.2.x kernels do not support Scatter/Gather DMA. You might be able to implement Scatter/Gather DMA with WinDriver with these kernels as well, if you obtain a patch that adds Scatter/Gather DMA support to the 2.2.x Linux kernels, however please note that we have not tested this and will not, therefore, be able to provide support for any matters related to the use of such patches.

In earlier versions of WinDriver only contiguous buffer DMA was supported on Linux, due to the previous lack of support for Scatter/Gather DMA in the Linux kernels.