WinDriver Technical Documents:
DMA Index

WinDriver Technical Documents:
DMA Index
12 Technical Documents

ID Subject Product Version
3 Preallocating contiguous DMA buffers on Windows WinDriver 11.1.0 and above
17 How can I improve my driver's performance with WinDriver? WinDriver
40 How do I call WD_Transfer() in the Kernel PlugIn interrupt handler? WinDriver
41 How do I share a memory buffer between Kernel PlugIn and user-mode projects for DMA or other purposes? WinDriver
47 Does WinDriver support Scatter/Gather DMA on Linux? WinDriver 5.2.0 and above
58 My attempt to allocate and lock a 1GB DMA buffer with WinDriver, on Windows, fails. Is this a limitation of the operating system? WinDriver
64 Linux contiguous-buffer DMA allocations — 128KB limitation WinDriver 8.0.1 and below
76 How do I perform PCI DMA Writes from system memory to my card, using WinDriver? WinDriver
77 How do I perform Direct Block transfers from one PCI card to another? WinDriver
106 How do I perform system or slave DMA using WinDriver? WinDriver
108 Performing large PCI memory data transfers WinDriver
129 Reserving and locking physical memory on Windows and Linux WinDriver