WinDriver Technical Documents:
Kernel PlugIn Index

WinDriver Technical Documents:
Kernel PlugIn Index
30 Technical Documents

ID Subject Product Version
12 What is the wddebug_gui Debug Monitor utility and how can I use it? WinDriver
17 How can I improve my driver's performance with WinDriver? WinDriver
28 What is the Kernel PlugIn for WinDriver? WinDriver
29 Is the Kernel PlugIn available for all operating systems? WinDriver
30 What is the development process for the Kernel PlugIn? WinDriver
31 When trying to build my Kernel PlugIn project I get the following error:
kptest.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __chkstk
How can I resolve this?
32 I would like to execute in the kernel some pieces of code written in Delphi or in Visual Basic, using the Kernel PlugIn. Is it possible? WinDriver 11.1.0 and below
34 How do I allocate locked memory in the kernel that can be used inside the interrupt handler? WinDriver
37 What is pIntContext in the Kernel PlugIn interrupt functions? WinDriver
38 I need to call WD_Transfer() and WD_UsbTransfer() in the Kernel PlugIn. From where do I get hWD to pass to these functions? WinDriver
39 A restriction in KP_IntAtIrql is to use only non-pageable memory. What does this mean? WinDriver
40 How do I call WD_Transfer() in the Kernel PlugIn interrupt handler? WinDriver
41 How do I share a memory buffer between Kernel PlugIn and user-mode projects for DMA or other purposes? WinDriver
45 What are the COPY_TO_USER_OR_KERNEL and COPY_FROM_USER_OR_KERNEL macros and when should they be used? WinDriver
46 Why does my WD_KernelPlugInOpen() call fail? WinDriver
48 What is the interrupt latency of WinDriver? WinDriver
62 Kernel PlugIn Driver Installation — General Guidelines WinDriver
74 How do I access the memory on my PCI card using WinDriver? WinDriver
84 Upgrading your WinDriver version WinDriver 8.1.1 and above
89 WinDriver driver distribution to a target Windows machine — versions 4.2.0–5.0.5b WinDriver 4.2.0–5.0.5b
103 Can I write to disk files during an interrupt routine? WinDriver
104 How can I read the value of the PCI interrupt status register from my WinDriver ISR, in order to determine, for example, which card generated the interrupt when the IRQ is shared between several devices? WinDriver
111 Distributing your WinDriver v5.2.x based driver to a target Windows machine WinDriver 5.2.X
112 Porting a Kernel PlugIn project developed prior to version 10.3.0, to support working with a 32-bit user-mode application and a 64-bit Kernel PlugIn driver WinDriver
120 Distributing your WinDriver-based driver to a target Windows PC — WinDriver Version 8.1.x–11.8.0 WinDriver 8.1.x–11.8.0
125 Handling shared PCI interrupts in the Kernel PlugIn WinDriver
127 WinDriver Upgrade: Version 6.2.x -> Version 7.x and above WinDriver 6.2.x and above
130 Distributing your WinDriver-based driver to a target Windows PC — WinDriver version 8.0.x WinDriver 8.0.x
131 Upgrading from WinDriver version 7.x–8.1.0 to a newer version WinDriver 7.x and above
132 Distributing your WinDriver-based driver to a target Windows PC WinDriver 11.9.0 and above