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Testimonials >> Overall Quality:
"...I would like to thank you for an excellent work. With your help we managed to get the PCMCIA card working on time and the feedbacks that I get are quite impressive. We were impressed by your professionalism and dedication and looking forward to cooperate with you in the future."

Micha Risling
Director of Customer Experience, Mobile Division
M-Systems (now part of SanDisk)


"...WinDriver has helped the debugging effort tremendously and reveals information that is not present in all the protocol analyzers I have attempted to use. It also allows you to emulate and test the PnP sequences, that is of tremendous value. So therefore I believe that WinDriver is useful, even just for debugging hardware..."

Jason Mitchell


"...not knowing the company very well, I decided to evaluate the WinDriver software from Jungo. Surprisingly enough, in less than a day, I was able to demonstrate to my manager a connection to our next generation USB based product. With all the features and cross platform solution (MS Windows 98/2000/XP and Linux) provided by the development tools, we decided to select Jungo as our communication software for our product. We became familiar with the company very quickly, since our software was putting WinDriver to the test. Jungo's engineering was fantastic and were able to resolve issues very quickly, especially when we were using the software in ways that hadn't been done before. Performance was a concern, and we realized very quickly that WinDriver was not a limiting factor. By choosing Jungo we made the right choice - it reduced our development time considerably and increased our market opportunities. The next challenge for us is to port our software to Linux. With the Jungo's software it should be a painless process."

Chris Wyse
Wind River Systems


"The WinDriver manual is very clear and well written. WinDriver has helped simplify and speed up our development and overall time to market, and on top of this I'm really enjoying using this tool for our project."

Don Doerres
[email protected]
Chief Software Engineer
Broad Reach Engineering


"When we tried Jungo's WinDriver, we were immediately pleased with what you had to offer. Using only the evaluation version, we found that none of the limitations of a competing product that we were faced with applied to Jungo's WinDriver.
After only three days of development, we had a working driver and a kernel PlugIn for interrupts. The third-party libraries from QuickLogic and PLX further simplified the development process.

I attribute many of the improvements in our Toolkit directly to us now using WinDriver. Not only has our Toolkit improved, but it is now available under Linux and can be easily ported to VxWorks or Solaris. Since our adoption of WinDriver for our device drivers, we have found Jungo's level of technical support to be outstanding." Click here to read the Bittware case study.

David Hedstrom
Software Engineer
BittWare, Inc.


"I have been using your WinDriver product and I think your company is on the right track of simplifying the laborious task of adding dedicated hardware to the windows environment.

I heard about your product from a friend of mine Scott Henderson at Raytheon in State College, Pa. who told me that your product was extremely helpful and a time saving way to directly talk to hardware on the PC104 bus.

Once again thanks for creating a wonderful addition to the programming world."

Robert Ceschini
Research Engineer
Penn State University/Applied Research Lab
[email protected]


"I want to thank your company for this product and for the service I have obtained.
I think we have reduced the costs of developing the driver by a factor of 5 to 10 !

I don't think I have ever found a software house with such professional and available support.

I have followed your hints and I now have a driver which performs very well (same performance as the one we have had under OS/2, which was written in assembler).

That is I have the same (or better) performance as under OS/2 and better than the other NT driver we had.

I finally think that "WinDriver" is a fantastic product which allows a non-driver specialist to write a professional driver."

Ivano Pellegrini
Landis & Staefa


"...We were up and running with your demo software in about two days.
The wizard was invaluable in helping us validate the PLX initialization in the serial EEPROM.
We used your driver code for about a week and decided to purchase it. The license fee was a trivial amount compared to what our own development effort would have been.

The demo was great, easy to use, and full featured. Your tech support was knowledgeable and easily accessed. The product is straightforward and does exactly what is advertised..."

Craig A Haller
Macraigor Systems


"...I am very happy with the capabilities of WinDriver.

You guys have done an excellent job."

Martin Roosen
OEM SW Development
IBM Storage Systems Division

Testimonials >> Price-Performance Ratio:
"It only took me 10 minutes to whip up a driver for my PCI card."

Brian Miglia
Raytheon Missile Systems
[email protected]


"Boulder Instruments makes a PCI based "real-time" disk recording system.
We first experimented with WinDriver after spending a considerable amount of time and money developing our own device driver.
After finding WinDriver I was completely surprised that I was able to get a completely functional system working in under 2 days including scatter/gather support.
We immediately purchased WinDriver and have never regretted that decision.
The support has been excellent and being able to quickly support Linux, Solaris and other operating environments is an added bonus."

Ken Owens
Boulder Instruments
[email protected]


"I've completed our work in advance of my deadline - in no small part due to the availability WinDriver.
Again, thanks for the product. It certainly lived up to our expectations and satisfied our requirements."

Tom Charlesworth
Alacron, Inc.


"Happily, KernelDriver met our requirements and collapsed a 1-month schedule into 5 days."

Roy M. Silvernail
Software Engineer


"Great product, I got my driver prototyped in user-mode in 2 days and moved it to a Kernel PlugIn in 1 more day."

Monroe Thomas
soundprint, Inc.


"WinDriver is an excellent product. I had never written a device driver so fast...it takes nearly just 10 minutes to get them working."

Gerhard Wesser


Testimonials >> Ease of Use:
"I am a student at the Mayaguez Campus in the University of Puerto Rico. I would like to indicate that the evaluation version of WinDriver has helped me a lot in my Operating Systems course. My team and I worked on a driver to use a videogame controller (PlayStation2) as a multifunctional mouse. We had the whole semester to finish this project, but eventually it took only two weeks to write the driver and we got the excellent grade of 94/100 for this project. Thank you guys! This development tool is just great and I think that it is a wonderful tool for educational purposes. We learned a lot in only a few weeks."

Ruben Murphy
[email protected]
University of Puerto Rico


"...I'd also like to put in a plug for WinDriver, from Jungo. I've used other products. WinDriver is another VERY NICE solution for staying away from Driver Writing, while achieving good performance results.

Handling interrupts with their help is a snap! It also handles the NT/Win9x problems pretty efficiently."

Mike Augustis
DSP Tools


"One of the biggest challenge these days in writing hardware specific software application are PCI devices, high memory access (4Gb and up) and OS that do not let you access the "real" hardware. Jungo's WinDriver has brought down that challenge down to a few mouse clicks and a few lines of code.

My first use of WinDriver was to write a console application running under Windows 2000 in order to adjust memory mapped registers of some video controllers present on the PCI bus. Off course the memory mapped registers were located around the 4Gb space. I started looking at Microsoft DDK and I was soon looking for an alternative. And Jungo had it. Within about 3 hours I had downloaded the demo, installed it and made an application that would access the memory mapped registers. All that was left to do is clean the code and put in command line option handling code."

Andre Courchesne
Software Designer
Kontron Canada Inc.
[email protected]


"We used the WinDriver toolkit to develop a program that controls the movement of a painting machine carriage.
We felt that we could easily make our project work without knowing too many details about how to talk to the hardware.
Thanks again for the support we received from your company."

Dong Zhao
Metromedia Technologies Inc
[email protected]


"...The short time-frame allowed for our USB-based project at RMIT University made it impossible to develop any driver software ourselves. Our inexperience, coupled with the complexity of writing drivers would have doomed our project to failure. After using WinDriver, we were able to point and click to overcome this shortfall. The result was a successful hardware and software unit that would not be achievable without the use of WinDriver. It enabled us to spend time on more important aspects, and to complete the task within the intended time-frame."

Matthew Cymbalak
B.Eng (Computer Systems) / B.App.Sci (Computer Science)
RMIT University
Melbourne Australia

Testimonials >> Performance:
"...I previously modified kptest.c to work with test hardware. Interrupts were generated by a user-mode loop ringing a "doorbell" register in a bridge chip. The kernel sees the interrupt, queues the status and signals the user ISR thread.

The user thread does a kp_call to unqueue the data. By reducing the delay between writes to the doorbell register, I was able to achieve bursts of 100,000 interrupts per second without loosing data.

When I first read your claim that this was possible, I was skeptical.

I am impressed."

Jim Brooks
[email protected]


"Our product uses a third-party USB cable. We decided that for our next release, we wanted to provide a driver with better performance that the driver shipped from the manufacturer. After spending some frustrating time trying to develop our own driver using the WinDDK, we scanned the market for ready-to-go USB solutions. It didn't take long to come up with a winner: We chose WinDriver and increased performance from 200 - 300%."

David Henrickson


Testimonials >> Technical Support:
"Thanks for all your help and support.WinDriver's support is the best support I've met throughout the year. Really.
The support engineers are very kind and helpful. I've solved a lot of problems with their help."

Tay Shu Yih
Software Engineer
Micro Modular System (MMS)


"The product is great. It works very well and is well documented, and has saved us a good deal of time bringing our PCI board up to speed."

Nick IntVeldt
Patapsco Designs, Inc.


"WinDriver's support team has proved to be fast, efficient and reliable through out all our dealings. They have helped to solve our technical difficulties as often and as frequently as possible and have gone beyond what I'd normally expect from technical support. I would have no qualms in recommending WinDriver based upon these experiences."

Peter Rogers
Design Engineer
[email protected]


"I want to thank you for your marvelous products - WinDriver and KernelDriver. Your support assistance was very helpful and responsible for every question I put, as well as your detailed and comprehensive manual for each product. Again, your support team work is highly appreciated."

Jeff Zheng
[email protected]


"During the evaluation of WinDriver I contacted Jungo's support team for useful technical hints. With their excellent assistance I had written a full driver that can run under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP without wasting unnecessary time. Thanks for all the help!!!"

Arkady Palarya
R&D Chief Software Engineer
LPT Technologies Ltd.
[email protected]


"I couldn't have built the driver for my PCI device without WinDriver. Your examples and documentation in version 5.04 of the WinDriver user manual aided me in completing the project in a short period of time. We were able to prototype a driver within a week. This fast turn around allowed us to work on the implementation of driver.

Your technical support and documentation is very good. And I think the product is fantastic!"

Rob Chohan
HP San Diego
[email protected]


"...I would like to mention that your tech support personnel is by all means the best tech support I have dealt with. WinDriver is also a very useful tool that can help one develop a driver in the matter of minutes."

Bamdad Afra
Nuvation Labs


"We have started testing and using the 5.04 release of WinDriver and it is working great with our software! Thank you so much for your assistance and patience during our development process - your help has given our product a smooth transition to XP and improved our USB reliability as well!"

Chris Boes
X-Rite New Business Development

Testimonials >> Cross Platform:
"We use WinDriver in a cross-platform application (Windows NT and Linux) and we're very happy with our choice. No need to spend time learning about kernel differences between NT and Linux.
Once built for Windows NT, our IDE driver also compiled under Linux!

Your Linux technical support team helped us to improve our kernel plug-in and achieve faster data transfers through the kernel buffers. Many thanks!"

Narcis Anghel
Sr. Test Software Engineer
Maxtor Corporation


"I needed to update WinDriver USB (Ver 4.33), previously used by our team to create a driver running on Windows 98, to a version that supports Windows 2000. Management specifically required that the code to be upward compatible within our existing application. Within a few hours, I ported the new device driver over to run on a Windows 2000 platform using the WinDriver USB (Version 5.20). It was up and running and no code changes were required to our application to accommodate the new WinDriver-based USB device driver that had just been developed!

I could not believe how easy it was to use Jungo's WinDriver USB. I have developed device drivers for embedded systems before, and I know how tedious and complicated device driver development can be. WinDriver made it simple to develop a USB device driver eliminating the need for knowledge of the WDM for Microsoft Windows 2000!"

Peter Cooper
Software Consultant for Medtronic Physio-Control
Redmond, WA


"After comparing Jungo's driver development toolkit with Numega's, I purchased WinDriver because it is so simple to use - the access to the product is very easy (the straightforward download and evaluation), and I love the user-mode idea, but the thing that bought me was the multi-platform aspect - that I could use the same code under Windows and Linux."

Bob Martin
[email protected]

Testimonials >> Linux:
"I'm developing a device driver for a PROFIBUS card under Linux.
When I started working my problem was that my knowledge of Linux (Unix) was very poor and the last time I programmed in C was about 6 years ago.
After I found and started working with WinDriver software (which included excellent documentation) I was able to get this card running in only a few days !!! "

Volker Schirra
[email protected]


"I have used the WinDriver for Delphi/Windows for some time with great success, but I wanted to see if I was able to port my code to Kylix/Linux.

Being a novice with regard to Linux it took me only 3 days to install Linux, Kylix (Delphi for Linux), WinDriver for Linux and to port my source code - and it just worked!"

Peter Thomsen
HW/SW Engineer
NetTest AS

Testimonials >> VxWorks:
"Space Computer Corporation produces custom-built real-time processing computers for hyperspectral imaging sensors, primarily for military airborne reconnaissance on UAV's. We developed a PCI board with a PLX 9030 to modulate JPEG compressed and Reed-Solomon encoded digital imagery onto a standard analog RS-170 video stream downlink, for decoding and display on a ground station computer. Since our software engineers were new to VxWorks and we were under severe time constraints for a scheduled field demonstration of the system, we needed a tool to assist us in developing the VxWorks device driver for this board. WinDriver enabled us to develop a working software interface to the hardware in just a few days, something that would have taken several weeks if we had to start from scratch. I strongly recommend WinDriver for anyone developing VxWorks device drivers."

Anthony Copeland
Space Computer Corporation
Los Angeles, CA

Testimonials >> USB:
"I couldn't believe it was so easy. I plugged in our equipment, launched WinDriver, answered a few simple questions and my USB libraries were generated. The beauty of these libraries is that they contain all high level API calls that one could need (SendData, ReadData,..) without compromising on performance. It literally took me five minutes to start transferring data over USB," said Igor Sotosek, senior engineer at AGB Lab.
"If it wasn't for WinDriver we would have to put one of our software engineers on the Windows USB driver project for 2 to 3 months, and after that we would have needed additional time to test it...and all this just to reinvent "the wheel". I think this product is more than worth the money spent on it."
Read the full case study.

Igor Sotosek
Senior Engineer


"I am extremely happy with your product and use it to develop a driver for a Cypress EZ-USB development kit.
I have been evaluating many driver development tools, such as Keil's Microvision, Microsoft Driver Development Kit and BSquare's WinDK. Of all these products, I have chosen yours as the best development tool."

Shawn Oles
University of Delaware
Software Engineering


"...WinDriver is an excellent choice for any developer who needs to develop a USB application in a short period of time.
It took us only 5 minutes to generate a set of USB code.
WinDriver enabled us to develop our software application with just a basic knowledge of USB, WDM and Microsoft DDK, allowing us to spend more time focusing on other parts of our project. "

University of Waterloo

WinDriver in the APTSRS Project:

uwaterlloThe APTSRS team has designed and developed a satellite receiver system which connects to a PC using the USB bus.
Jungo - WinDriver - developed USB driver allowed the PC to communicate with their satellite receiver system.


"I am a hardware man, not a programmer, and needed to develop a USB driver for my development boards.
I decided to use WinDriver since it is very simple to use."

Nir Michael
DSP Group


"I spent two weeks trying to write a USB driver for Windows. After a few days with WinDriver USB, I had a preliminary USB driver up and running. WinDriver USB greatly simplifies the PC side of driver development and it is an incredible tool for debugging the embedded software."

Nick Butts
Software Design Engineer
Phoenix International
[email protected]

Testimonials >> PCI/PCI-Express:
"We are developing our own PCI card and WinDriver was a necessity!
The automatic device driver code generation allowed us to maintain our ambitious schedule since I did not have to learn the details of the Windows environment.
It only took a few days to start talking to the card! "

Michelle Chen
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
[email protected]


"Jungo's WinDriver API has enabled me to rapidly develop a PCI card and driver for a medical product without having to tackle the DDK head on. Within only a few days I have been able to produce my own code framework and achieve successful communication with the card, and as yet haven't hit any barriers. I would thoroughly recommend the API to other developers wishing to embark on a PCI development - especially those doing so for the first time."

Lea Robson
Senior Research and Development Engineer
KeyMed Ltd


"I am very impressed with the WinDriver tool that I downloaded.
I very quickly created a device driver for an ISA bus board we are developing, complete with interrupt handlers.
Without your tool, I would have still been learning how to use a DDK."

Dana Ford
Bae Systems'
[email protected]


"I am a hardware engineer and I have designed a PCI card that I want to debug inside a PC. I found WinDriver on the web and I must say its a tool which is very easy to use(even by a hardware guy !)."



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