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Wireless Device Stack
» A part of USBware: Embedded USB Software solution
In order to take full advantage of wireless USB connectivity features, it is imperative for developers and designers deploy a robust, field proven and mature embedded USB software device stack. USBware offers a fully certified and tested Wireless USB software solution.

Jungo's USBware is a top-tier embedded software solution designed exclusively for the USB industry. Extending and leveraging Jungo's existing USBware Wired USB stack, the wireless stack enables designers to easily incorporate wireless USB connectivity in their designs while continuing to support the same functionality. USBware offers unparalleled embedded software device stack solutions for Wireless USB, providing a seamless and efficient migration from wired USB to wireless USB.

USBware software solutions for Wireless USB meet the highest development standards and allow for complete compatibility with legacy wired USB products.

USB technology has become the standard for device connectivity. With over 3 billion USB devices in use today, USB provides an efficient and high-speed connection interface. However, with ever more increasing wired USB devices, workspace around PC's has become cluttered with wires.

Imagine all of the USB devices in your office of home - such as mobile devices, multimedia consumer electronics and various PC peripherals were connected to your PC wirelessly.

Wireless USB enabled device production is expected to reach over 200 million units by 2009. As a result more and more developers and designers are turning to USBware's embedded Wireless USB solutions.

Embedded Wireless USB architecture is similar to wired USB architecture, with the exception of the WUSB DCD component, all function drivers, APIs and functionality remain the same in the software stack. USBware embedded software solutions provides all the required software tools needed to embed Wireless USB capabilities in devices. Below is a diagram of a wireless USB device stack architecture model.


What's Next?

  • Complete, high quality, Wireless USB device software solution.
  • Modular and scalable Device stack.
  • Support for composite USB devices, which provide several USB functions on the same embedded device (e.g. mass storage + HID, etc.).
  • Host Stack support for composite devices - USB host stack drivers can be used simultaneously to support different USB devices (e.g. the Mass Storage Class Driver can be used simultaneously with the HID Class Driver or Printer Class Driver).
  • Partnerships with leading silicon vendors.
  • Turnkey solution: eliminates substantial development time and costs.
  • Operating systems:
    • Leading embedded operating systems: WinCE, Linux, C/OS-II, Integrity, pSOS, OS20, ThreadX, MQX, Nucleus, Segger, eCos/eCosPro, etc.
    • Proprietary OS/no-OS/pre-boot environment.
    • Modular architecture: OS wrappers for easy porting to any operating system.
    • Support for leading Wireless USB controllers.
    • CPU architectures: ARM, MIPS, x86, RISC, PowerPC, Freescale Coldfire, Intel Xscale, TI DSPs and OMAP, Renesas SuperH and others.
  • Programming language: ANSI C.
  • Compilers: Any 32-bit C compiler.
Class Drivers for PCs & CE hosts?
Jungo also offers class drivers to support PCs & CE hosts. To learn more - check out our host drivers solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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