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◆ KP_PCI_IntAtIrql()

BOOL __cdecl KP_PCI_IntAtIrql ( PVOID  pIntContext,
BOOL *  pfIsMyInterrupt 

High-priority legacy interrupt handler routine, which is run at high interrupt request level.

This function is called upon the arrival of a legacy interrupt that has been enabled using a Kernel PlugIn driver — see the description of WDC_IntEnable() or the low-level InterruptEnable() and WD_IntEnable() functions (see WinDriver PCI Low-Level API Reference).

[in,out]pIntContextPointer to interrupt context data that was set by KP_IntEnable() and will also be passed to KP_IntAtDpc() (if executed) and KP_IntDisable().
[out]pfIsMyInterruptSet *pfIsMyInterrupt to TRUE if the interrupt belongs to this driver; otherwise set it to FALSE in order to enable the interrupt service routines of other drivers for the same interrupt to be called.
TRUE if deferred interrupt processing (DPC) is required; otherwise FALSE.
Code running at IRQL will only be interrupted by higher priority interrupts. Code running at high IRQL is limited in the following ways: It may only access non-pageable memory. It may only call the following functions (or wrapper functions that call * these functions): WDC_xxx() read/write address or configuration space functions. WDC_MultiTransfer(), or the low-level WD_Transfer(), WD_MultiTransfer(), or WD_DebugAdd() functions (see the WinDriver PCI Low-Level API Reference). Specific kernel OS functions (such as WDK functions) that can be called from high interrupt request level. Note that the use of such functions may break the code's portability to other operating systems. It may not call malloc(), free(), or any WDC_xxx or WD_xxx API other than those listed above. The code performed at high interrupt request level should be minimal (e.g., only the code that acknowledges level-sensitive interrupts), since it is operating at a high priority. The rest of your code should be written in KP_IntAtDpc(), which runs at the deferred DISPATCH level and is not subject to the above restrictions.

Definition at line 495 of file kp_pci.c.