Jungo WinDriver  
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◆ WDC_IsaDeviceOpen()

_In_ const WD_CARD pDeviceInfo,
_In_ const PVOID  pDevCtx 

Allocates and initializes a WDC ISA device structure, registers the device with WinDriver, and returns a handle to the device.

  • Verifies that none of the registered device resources (set in pDeviceInfo->Card.Item) are already locked for exclusive use.
  • Maps the device's physical memory ranges device both to kernel-mode and user-mode address space, and stores the mapped addresses in the allocated device structure for future use
  • Saves device resources information required for supporting the communication with the device. For example, the function saves the interrupt request (IRQ) number and the interrupt type, as well as retrieves and saves an interrupt handle, and this information is later used when the user calls functions to handle the device's interrupts.
  • If the caller selects to use a Kernel PlugIn driver to communicate with the device, the function opens a handle to this driver and stores it for future use.
[out]phDevPointer to a handle to the WDC device allocated by the function
[in]pDeviceInfoPointer to a card information structure, which contains information regarding the device to open
[in]pDevCtxPointer to device context information, which will be stored in the device structure
Returns WD_STATUS_SUCCESS (0) on success, or an appropriate error code otherwise