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◆ WDC_PciScanDevices()

DWORD DLLCALLCONV WDC_PciScanDevices ( _In_ DWORD  dwVendorId,
_In_ DWORD  dwDeviceId,
_Outptr_ WDC_PCI_SCAN_RESULT pPciScanResult 

Scans the PCI bus for all devices with the specified vendor and device ID combination and returns information regarding the matching devices that were found and their locations.

Scan bus (PCI)

The function performs the scan by iterating through all possible PCI buses on the host platform, then through all possible PCI slots, and then through all possible PCI functions.

Please note that with a regular WinDriver license, this function will not work on a computer that has over 100 devices connected to it. In order to make it work on a computer with over 100 devices, you must obtain a server license from sales.nosp@m.@jun.nosp@m.go.co.nosp@m.m.

[in]dwVendorIdVendor ID to search for, or 0 to search for all vendor IDs
[in]dwDeviceIdDevice ID to search for, or 0 to search for all device IDs
[out]pPciScanResultA pointer to a structure that will be updated by the function with the results of the PCI bus scan
Returns WD_STATUS_SUCCESS (0) on success, or an appropriate error code otherwise