Windows 10 requires kernel drivers to be digitally signed. The WinDriver virtual device, which is installed during WinDriver installation process, is digitally signed. However, INF files that are generated by the DriverWizard utility are not signed and therefore will fail to install on Windows 10.
In order to install them, it is required to digitally sign them. To bypass this requirement, it is possible to temporarily disable digital driver signing enforcement and install your INF file while the enforcement is disabled.
You can do this by following the procedure below:

1. Click on the Start menu button.
2. Hold down the Shift button in the keyboard, and click the Power icon on the left side of the Start menu.
3. From the menu that will open, choose Restart.
4. In the screen that will open, choose Troubleshoot.
5. Choose Advanced options.
6. Choose Start-up Settings.
7. The computer will restart and load a Startup Settings screen. Press F7 to disable driver signature enforcement.
8. Your INF should install successfully.

This operation mode (Disabled Digital Signature Enforcement), which allows you to freely install INF files generated by WinDriver, will last until the next reboot. Your newly installed INF files should work properly even after the Digital Signature Enforcement will automatically be switched on again in the next reboot.